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Maine Undercoating and Rust Prevention. Protect your Maine Used Car!

09/27/2018 by Gibby Gibson

Johnny Rae’s Rust Proofing

Southern and Western Maine’s exclusive mobile service provider of New Hampshire Oil Undercoating.  Where our services are designed to help reduce the stress of drive time, improve the lifespan of your vehicle, and increase the value of your investment.

Our affordable packages are no frills, and our rust proofing process needs no drills. Each of our economically priced packages include:

  • Mobile service (We come to you)

  • Up to 1 hour of rust debridement and prep

  • Quality New Hampshire Oil Undercoating

Additional Services include:

  • Wheel Well Guard – $20

  • Plow Protection – $25

  • After Market/Non-OEM Items – $20+

  • Additional Mileage after 40 Miles. – $5 for every 15 miles there after.

Our Professional Grease Monkey will walk you through the entire process, after examining your vehicle from top to bottom. You will be shown the extent of damage due to rust, and we will provide detailed after care instructions after your vehicle is protected.

At Johnny Rae’s, we are committed to customer satisfaction and will be with you every step of the way, even after your services are completed – Because we want you to be able to fully enjoy your investment, with out the added stress of rust damage.

Why New Hampshire Oil?

NHOU  is clean, clear, drip-free, (although some dripping may occur) solvent-free, odor-free, non-toxic, super lubricating metal conditioner with creeping and penetrating benefits – all in one formula. It is not a sealant that traps moisture, or an oil spray that rots rubber, damages plastic and tend to be messy and drippy. It contains active moisture displacers that last up to 12 months. Because it is clean and transparent you can actually see it preserving the original “factory new” appearance. It does not dry out, chip or peel off and its lubricating benefits continue indefinitely. Our Back-N-Black offers the same protection but will substantially improve the surface appearance.

NHOU has natural corrosion inhibitors otherwise known as “green inhibitors”, derived from plants and animal fats. Contains no solvents or detergents. It is an environmentally friendly product considering it does not drip, or give off VOC’s. Our NHOU Back-N-Black has a biodegradable tint, otherwise the same as the clear product.

NHOU is formulated to displace moisture, and the presence of oil will deprive the surface of oxygen. When you take either out of the equation, oxidation cannot occur, so as long as product is present rust is held at bay. NH Oil will simultaneously fight corrosion on a chemical level as well. The presence of the oil will form a barrier to protect the surface. NHOU Is formulated to migrate and creep. This is especially important to the weak areas of a vehicle, rocker panels, door panels etc. areas that are by design prone to rust. The surfaces are generally unprotected with a finish (paint), prone to hold moisture and are very thin. Over the course of a warm month, it is not uncommon for our oil to move as much as several inches. In a cross member of a pickup truck bed, that would encapsulate the entire inside surface area. I tell many customers that having some surface rust can actually be a plus. Much like using an abrasive to scuff a surface prior to applying a finish, the rust will give the product something to hang on to.

NH Oil was developed by people who know the business. The fact that NH Oil Undercoating is specifically design for the automobile undercarriage, means you are getting the best possible product designed to do exactly what it was intended to do!

Let us help you be proactive in the battle against rust!


Johnny Rae, Owner

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