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Maine Undercoating and Rust Prevention. Protect your Maine Used Car!

09/27/2018 by Gibby Gibson

Maine Winters & Rust:

Nothing makes that nice, shiny new Maine car into a Maine used car faster than rust and corrosion. Many states simply use sand to add traction to their roads but Maine also uses calcium chloride, which really attacks the underside of your vehicle. Calcium chloride has really increased what we pay for annual repairs and replacement parts caused by rust.

A recent article by Fleet Equipment Magazine editor, Tom Gelinas, had this to say about the cost and impact of these new chemicals:

“The downsides to the use of magnesium chloride and calcium chloride as de-icing agents are serious in terms of the potential increase in maintenance time and costs required to address corrosion. State and local agencies often apply these chemicals prior to any snowfall, increasing the likelihood and degree of exposure to trucks and trailers. These materials are especially destructive because of their ability to cling to the underbody of a vehicle and re-crystallize as they slowly drive out…It is estimated that the costs associated with corrosion caused by anti-icing chemicals have increased more than tenfold in recent years.”

Calcium chloride works its way into exposed wiring, slowly eating away at it and permanently damaging your automobile. For example: The next time you drive on a Maine highway, check out the corrosion of the guardrails and metal bridges. Scary right? Year after year exposure to calcium chloride and magnesium has begun to rust and corrode the zinc-rich metals!

If you want to keep a vehicle in Maine truly free from rust just don’t drive it in the winter. Don’t bring out your Maine car or truck until we’ve had a few good spring rains to wash off the roads. Like most of us we drive our vehicles year round so here are some preventative measures to keep your Maine car looking good and as rust free as possible.

At least twice annually give your vehicle a thorough cleaning. Ideally after each snow storm drive your vehicle through a touchless car wash and choose the undercarriage wash option to knock down the salt and sand from your vehicle as much as possible. This will absolutely benefit your vehicle significantly help stop or slow down any rust problems from popping up. This is the most basic thing you can do.

Take it to a new level of premium protection with Downeast Undercoating!

The #1 reason used cars in Maine fail inspection is due to rust. In addition to the above recommendations every person who truly cares about his or her Maine car or truck including fleet vehicles should contact us for rust proofing.

Typical basic rust proofing services cost around $150-$300 for most vehicles. Sometimes trucks can cost more depending on the size. It’s a good idea to get it done every other year to ensure no problems arise. Best if done annually.

If you can, try and use a company that guarantees their protection. As the owner of Downeast Undercoastings in Freeport, Maine I prefer to use a bedliner product because it’s much tougher than the rubberized undercoating process most places use. I guarantee this protection will hold up through the winter or your next coating is half off.

Something too that my company offers is mobile service! Are you too busy to give up your vehicle for a few hours and/or to come to my Freeport shop? No problem! I will come to your home, work or office and gladly perform the service on location!

Save your vehicle and save money with Premium Rust Proofing from Downeast Undercoating

In conclusion it’s important to be conscious about rust prevention in Maine. Budgeting for a couple hundred dollars a year for 10 years or so, can potentially keep your Maine used car on the road for an extra five years. Like many in the rust free south and west say: “If a vehicles not rusted out, you can still fix anything that’s wrong with it and drive it forever”. Brake lines, fuel lines, rocker panels, control arms, sub frames, etc., are all expensive repairs. A friend of mine bought a truck from California with mint factory brake lines that are 27 years old! This proves you’ll save in the long run by preventing rust while keeping your vehicle safer and looking great too!

Thank you everyone for reading my blog and I look forward to working with you!

Chris Weiss, Owner

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